10 Magical Years of babyballet East Herts and West Essex!

A decade of dance, smiles, and making dreams come true! We’re thrilled to congratulate our wonderful Miss Catherine and Mr Saul, the dynamic husband-and-wife duo behind babyballet East Herts and West Essex, on their remarkable journey of love, passion, and dedication to the world of preschool dance. Let’s take a moment to look back at their journey and applaud their unwavering dedication and profound impact on our babyballet community!

It all began when a friend from Arts Ed shared her incredible career as a babyballet® franchisee on Facebook. Catherine and Saul were immediately captivated by the enchanting world of babyballet®! They knew this was their calling, a chance to share their love for dance with young children, and they embarked on this magical adventure together.

babyballet in East Herts and West Essex is ten - First newspaper article

Coming from performance backgrounds, Catherine and Saul recognized the significance of introducing children to the world of dance. They were driven by the happiness they witnessed in the little stars during the classes, and for them, there couldn’t be a more fulfilling way to make a living than by bringing joy to children’s lives through dance.

Since those early days, Miss Catherine and Mr Saul have gone on to build an absolute empire of JOY! Their franchise stretches across five areas, leaving a lasting impression of the lives of countless families in Bishop’s Stortford, Braintree, Cheshunt, Epping, and Hertford. Together with their remarkable team of teachers, they’ve introduced THOUSANDS of little ones to the joy of dance. As we’re sure you can tell, they are passionate advocates of ‘magical memories’ and Miss Catherine and Mr Saul are true champions of the babyballet ethos and everything we stand for.


It has been ten years filled with countless “firsts” – the first week of classes, the first show, and witnessing their own children, Ella and Jude, experience their first babyballet® classes. These moments have been nothing short of wonderful. But what truly warms their hearts are the stories of grown-ups who’ve reached out to thank them for making a significant impact on their little ones’ lives. From helping shy children come out of their shells to witnessing non-verbal children find their voices, these are the rewards that truly matter to our kind, special, franchise pair.

babyballet East Herts and West Essex is celebrating ten years of babyballet dance classes

To all the babyballet® families who’ve supported them over the years, Miss Catherine and Mr Saul want to express their heartfelt gratitude. Your support means the world to them, and they are deeply touched by the love and warmth you bring to the babyballet® community. Your precious moments are theirs too… it’s what it is all about for them.

Catherine and Saul have not only built a successful business but also crafted a life that perfectly suits their family. They have demonstrated that with hard work and determination, it’s possible to craft a thriving business that also accommodates the joys of parenthood. Their children, Ella and Jude, are a testament to the loving environment they’ve cultivated.

It makes us so proud to know that with babyballet®, they’ve had the flexibility to be there for their children, attending school activities, special assemblies, and cherishing every moment in their kids’ lives.

babyballet East Herts and West Essex is celebrating ten years of babyballet dance classes

It also must be said that Catherine and Saul have faced their share of challenges, including personal losses and health setbacks. But they overcome these together, and with so much grace. Through everything, their resilience and commitment to making children’s days happier has never wavered.

In their remarkable tenth year in business, Catherine and Saul have achieved yet another milestone: the babyballet franchise is through to the finals of the prestigious What’s On 4 Kids Awards! This is an incredible achievement and no mean feat. We have everything crossed for their success on the night and what a perfect way to celebrate this decade in style!

The babyballet Head Office Team has nothing but praise for Miss Catherine and Mr Saul. They are described as kind-hearted, dedicated, and always striving to make things better. Their unwavering passion for children and the brand is truly admirable.

babyballet East Herts and West Essex is celebrating ten years of babyballet dance classes

So, it is with great pleasure that we wish huge congratulations, on a decade filled with magic, love, and dedication. You’ve not only created a beautiful community of families, friends and babyballet® stars but you have spread your love for dance and the joy it brings. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for all you do.

Here’s to many more years of making dreams come true with babyballet East Herts and West Essex! We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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