babyballet Didsbury, The Heatons, Sale & Cheadle is 10!

Ten years! A decade… 3651 days… and an endless amount of memories.


Didsbury_Star babyballet franchiseeWe would like to wish our amazing Miss Laura the biggest congratulations on this momentous occasion!

Thinking back to 2013, Miss Laura’s life was very different when she became a babyballet franchisee. After a wonderful time performing to thousands of people in some incredible places, Laura was home and looking for a career she could love as much as dancing.

She soon fell in love with babyballet when her friend and fellow franchisee Miss Lucie introduced her to the brand, and the rest is history! It has got to be said that Laura’s training week at Head Office was most memorable for lots and lots of laughter. Laura formed a special bond with ‘Auntie Caroline’ with whom she had many support calls over the years. And although now retired, we know Caroline will be looking and wishing Laura every continued success today!


babyballet Didsbury the Heatons, Sale and Cheadle is 10! Miss Laura at her first babyballet Franchise Conference.

babyballet Didsbury the Heatons, Sale and Cheadle is 10! Miss Laura at her first babyballet Franchise Conference.

Since the very start, Laura’s ability to capture the imagination of the children, paired with her impeccable ballet technique, is what instantly made her such a great teacher.

In fact, to this day, Laura’s elegant lines and balletic poise are what every babyballet teacher models themselves on, as Miss Laura features on our in-house dance teacher training videos! Trust us, they are learning from the best.

babyballet's Miss Laura is featured on the in-house teacher training videos

Miss Laura has had the pleasure of teaching babyballet stars in their thousands, and over time, her little dance school grew to cover more areas in greater Manchester. Her team grew also, and together with some amazing teachers, the franchise has been apart of the lives of an enormous number of local families.

At her classes, precious moments have been shared that will be treasured forever and we hope Miss Laura will be looking back on some of those memories with pride today.


Miss Laura - babyballet teacher and franchisee covering Didsbury, The Heatons, Sale and Cheadle

Not to mention the fabulous babyballet stage shows that Laura has produced. Some people would run for the hills if you asked them to put over 100 three and four year olds on stage, but not Miss Laura! Her brilliant shows have gone down in history and last year, even when her own tiny baby was just months old, she was true to the phrase ‘the show must go on!’

Laura was lucky enough to already have friends as part of the babyballet network when she first joined, but since then, we’re sure she’ll tell you herself, she has found some of the most important people in her life at babyballet.

We have been delighted to see her and her teachers getting together to celebrate this special occasion this weekend! Which just shows how much teamwork means to Miss Laura.

We know she would want us to mention her right hand woman and Virtual Assistant – Miss ‘Admin’ Emma. Who in more recent years has been an integral part of her business as well as her sounding board, chief organiser and more importantly, friend.

10 years is a long time and with it, comes a rollercoaster of challenges to overcome. Being the business owner means you have to deal with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows – Covid being the hardest thing that any small business owner had to face.

But Laura is resilient, strong and a force to be reckoned with. Not only a great business woman but leader, friend, wife and mummy too.

Her two beautiful children came along and although Laura’s life changed massively, her business never faltered. With her tenacious nature and the support of the people around her, Laura was sure to continue offering the same service and experience in some 40 classes per week!

Miss Laura. babyballet Didsbury, The Heatons, Sale and Cheadle is a mummy to two


Miss Laura. babyballet Didsbury, The Heatons, Sale and Cheadle is a mummy to two


Laura is the kind of person who doesn’t realise what a star she really is. She deserves more credit than she gives herself and has been a role model to thousands of children who have hopped, skipped and jumped through her babyballet doors over the last ten years!

“CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR TENTH babyballet ANNIVERSARY MISS LAURA! Here’s to ten more years of being fabulously you! We hope you will continue the celebrations and enjoy! We are all so lucky to have you” xxx

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