babyballet HAS RAISED OVER 1 MILLION POUNDS for TOMMY’S!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Your support has been simply outstanding – THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! 

This incredible amount of money has helped Tommy’s fund their research centres and midwives to deliver their excellent work. It fills us with pride to know that together, we are helping Tommy’s to continue their mission of halving the number of babies’ lives lost by 2030!

Kath Abrahams, Tommy’s Chief Executive says, “Thank you babyballet®. The generosity and support of each and every one of you over the years have been truly overwhelming. We’re so grateful for the vital funds raised for Tommy’s over the years during these very special events.” 

We would like to thank each and every person at babyballet® who has helped us reach this incredible total of £1,120,057!!!  We are overwhelmed with pride!  


babyballet Danceathon for Tommy's baby charity

Tommy’s babyballet stars

Together we will continue to support Tommy’s and help save more babies’ lives!

Tommy’s, the UK’s leading pregnancy charity who are working to make the UK the safest place to give birth, hold a special place in our hearts at babyballet. To support their work, our bi-annual Danceathon events take place in our classes across England, Scotland and Wales by raising money to help move research forwards and save babies’ lives.

The Tommy’s Danceathon is a truly magical time when we see our huge babyballet family working together to raise money in such an incredible way. babyballet franchisees and dance teachers host their Danceathons around the country during their baby ballet classes, where thousands and thousands of babyballet stars and their grown-ups join in. 

Sadly, every one of us know someone who has been affected by baby loss.

Tommy’s believes losing a baby should never be ‘just one of those things and is working tirelessly to reduce the UK’s unacceptable rates of miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature birth.  Here at babyballet we are beyond proud to support them in their work, as it does and will continue to have an effect on so many people we know. We know baby loss will never go away, but helping to minimise it as much as possible through research and education, will save so many heartbreaks, plus the support for those who have experienced it will only improve and help to bring understanding as to why and, in time, bring some closure.

We have many parents/guardians of our babyballet stars, who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of their baby.  all at different stages, for different reasons, and have coped in different ways.


Lily-Rose babyballet tommy's

Lily-Rose a babyballet star fundraiser

We’re celebrating our amazing achievement – we’ve raised over £1 million for Tommy’s!

Lily-Rose was one of 2022 Danceathon’s top Tommy’s fundraisers.

Here mum Nicola shares why supporting Tommy’s was so important to them ❤️ 

“After my own experience, pregnancy health care is something I feel incredibly strongly about. Especially, for those women who are more vulnerable as even for the most well educated and privileged, it is still extremely difficult to advocate for yourself as a pregnant woman.

There is no excuse for preventable baby loss in a country like the UK and I think the work Tommy’s do is absolutely amazing.”

“We are very proud of Lily-Rose and all of her classmates and the rest of the babyballet®️ group for the massive sum they raised. We know it will be put to good use.”

You can read Lily-Rose’s story here.

Let’s keep dancing babyballet stars, and shining bright as you always do!

THANK YOU AGAIN from the bottom of our hearts!

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