babyballet co-founder, Barbara Peters presented with RAD Fellowship!

The remarkable Mrs. Barbara Peters, co-founder of the children’s dance franchise, babyballet, recently attended the Royal Academy of Dance Graduation 2022It was there where she was presented with her fellowship in ballet, by none other than ex-principal dancer of the Royal Ballet, president of the Royal Academy of Dance and one of the great British ballerinas of all time, ?????? ???????. The presentation was made for Barbara’s ‘O?????????? ???????????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?????, ??? ??????????? ??????? ?? ??? ????? ??????? ?? ?????’. 


And what a contribution she has made over so many years!…


Barbara started her incredible dance journey as a child, like many babyballet stars do, over 70 years ago. She passed all her Graded Ballet Exams with Honours, the highest mark possible, and became a full member of the Royal Academy of Dance. She became a RAD student in 1956 to further her training as a teacher of ballet and classical dancing.

With all the training, skills, and knowledge now behind her, Barbara decided to open her own dance school, the ‘Barbara Peters School of Dance’, in 1962, before further training to become an examiner, which took her to Spain, Italy, and even Hong Kong. At the young age of 25, Barbara was the youngest person at the time to qualify.

Barbara Peters celebrating her special day and award.Thousands of students have passed through Barbara’s dance school, some of whom have gone on to become babyballet teachers, and it is those who nominated her for this special award. Her students feel extremely proud and thankful for all the hard work and dedication Barbara has always given.

On this special day, babyballet teacher Emma Stead was there with her, whom she has taught and known since she was 4. Barbara acknowledges ‘Miss Emma’ as a wonderful person and excellent teacher for Miss Laura at babyballet Didsbury. 


Barbara is grateful to remain fit and healthy, and so she carries on her dance journey!…

In 2019, Barbara performed on ‘The Greatest Dancer’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes Two.’ She also took her Grade 8 Ballet Exam at the incredible age of 81, and is now teaching Silver Swans and Discovering Repertoire classes.


Barbara has been teaching dance for 67 years and was recently awarded the British Empire Medal for services to dancing in the New Year Honours 2021/2022.

“I’ve given my whole life to dance, my job has been my passion’ Mrs. Barbara Peters


Barbara Peters with ballet icon, Darcy Bussell.

Barbara recalls watching Darcey Bussell present the graduates before sitting on her chair. She was sitting on the front row with her students who nominated her, all now in their 40s and 50s, who she taught when they were about 5.

Barbara was humbled when the RAD Tim Arthur CEO proceeded to tell the congregation of her achievements and life-long career in dance. 


“It was so unexpected that I stood up prematurely, excited to meet Darcey Bussell!” Exclaimed Barbara. Mrs. Peters admires Darcey Bussell so speaking to her and being congratulated by her brought her great happiness. And of course, it was inspiring for the fellow dancers, teachers and examiners to hear her story.

Barbara Peters receiving her award from Darcy Bussel at the Royal Academy of Dance Graduation 2022.

We asked Mrs. Peters what Darcey was like; she says Darcey is amazing, normal, and approachable! She recalls an incident with one of the girls who stood up during her graduation presentation, who tripped on her dress and fell. Darcey instantly did a little dance for the audience to create a distraction so all eyes were shifted from the fall. What a beautiful, kind-hearted, quick-thinking, and selfless lady Dame Darcey Bussell is.


So, Mrs. Peters has been to Buckingham Palace and got her Fellowship from the RAD, what is next for our inspirational co-founder? 

We were astounded to learn Barbara is featuring in a series with the BBC, presented by Michael Moseley, called ‘How to live to 101’, following the stories of a range of people in the older generation who are actively involved in physical activities and exercise, which should be broadcast in early 2023. We can’t wait to watch it!

We thank the Royal Academy of Dance and Darcey Bussell for this special memory. Yet another beautiful acknowledgment of Barbara’s inspirational achievements throughout her wonderful life.