British Franchise Association Accreditation for babyballet

Outstanding achievement for babyballet, who have received British Franchise Association accreditation!

We are very proud to announce the news that babyballet has become a full accredited member of the BFA. Our amazing babyballet team all work so hard in every aspect of the business, making sure our standards are consistantly high, which has been recognised by the BFA and given us that shiny stamp of approval to confirm it.

The BFA are a very well respected and widely recognised organisation in the franchise sector.

They are a not for profit organisation who are in partnerships with other franchisee regulators across europe and the rest of world making sure that the companies who franchise their business in these countries are all working to the same high standard. To be a member with them means our babyballet franchise runs to the very best of our abilities, complies to all regulations and performs to a 5 star standard.

But it is not an easy feat getting to full member status!

It does take years! All members have had to have been in business for at least 12months and also have had a franchise open for 12months and perform targeted financial projections. We had to go through 2 levels of membership to get to this standard and we are so very proud to have got there.

It means our babyballet schools have the best teachers, the best support, the best experience and are running effectively and efficiently. 

One of the standards they want franchise companies to meet is to be awarded a 5 star rating from the Franchisee Satisfaction Bench Mark Survey. Something which we achieved in 2021!


babyballet five star franchise satisfaction survey winnerWe announced the news on our website back in September 2021:

Franchisees rate their franchisor on 6 key criteria: their training and support for franchisees, leadership, the franchise system, value and rewards, culture and relationships, and general franchisee satisfaction. With this year’s survey being the first that babyballet has taken part in and to have immediately achieved a 5-star rating, the children’s ballet franchise is excited to say the least.

It has taken a lot of hard work and effort from every single member of our magical babyballet family to get to this level.

We have always believed we had the best in the business and have complete faith in our team, but for us to show our medal of honour with our full accredited membership with the BFA, gives us added joy, confidence and satisfaction of our achievements as a franchise business.

Thank you everyone for your support and loyalty, and to all our franchise managers and head office team for all of your hard work and dedication, always ✨