Celebrating Success! babyballet Franchisee, Miss Lauren, Shines at the SME Awards!

We are thrilled to acknowledge the outstanding success of Miss Lauren, our remarkable franchisee from babyballet Biggleswade & Bedfordshire and babyballet Stevenage. Miss Lauren has not only secured the prestigious ‘Business Woman of the Year’ award at the Bedfordshire SME Awards but has also clinched the coveted ‘Gold’ Award at the SME Awards Bedfordshire, automatically earning her a spot in the National SME Awards at Wembley Stadium this December!

Miss Lauren’s journey to success has been nothing short of inspiring. Winning ‘Silver’ in the ‘Business Woman of the Year’ category for the past three years showcased her unwavering determination. This year, she triumphantly secured the ‘Gold,’ marking a phenomenal leap forward in her achievements. The cheers and applause from the SME team at the awards night were a testament to the monumental accomplishment she had achieved.

Business Woman of the Year – A Title Well Earned

Being crowned ‘Business Woman of the Year’ is an extraordinary feat. Miss Lauren’s progression and dedication have truly paid off, positioning her as a standout entrepreneur in the competitive business landscape. The celebrations are in full swing as she revels in the glory of this remarkable achievement.

Miss Lauren’s story is one of triumph and perseverance, always carrying the magic of babyballet with her wherever she goes. As a working mum, businesswoman, and award-winning franchisee, she serves as an inspiration to all. Her journey, from regional recognition to national acknowledgment, is a testament to the success and impact of the babyballet community.

Miss Lauren shares a fabulous snapshot from the National SME Awards Finals at Wembley, standing alongside Miss Lucy, her long-standing teacher in Bedford and now Franchise Business Partner of babyballet Stevenage and Hitchin. Despite not securing the top spot, being present at the finals was an absolute honor and an opportunity to share the evening with other successful businesswomen.

Congratulations, Miss Lauren!

The whole team at babyballet is immensely proud of Miss Lauren’s achievements and looks forward to witnessing her continued success. Her journey exemplifies the core values of babyballet, and we celebrate her as a shining star in our community.


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