CELEBRATING TEN YEARS OF babyballet Witney, Didcot, Botley and Summertown ⠀

Happy 10th Anniversary to Miss Charlotte and her wonderful team!!
Just over a decade ago, Charlotte discovered babyballet® through her wonderful Mother-in-law, Karen (who is a franchisee too!) and immediately, Charlotte knew it was for her! She loved seeing how much children and parents enjoyed other pre-school classes, and how much of a difference they made, so she decided to meet the Head Office team, attend the training, and embark on her own magical babyballet journey to bring babyballet classes to the children near her.

The beginning of that journey was not how anyone would have hoped and after being delivered some frightening news.

Charlotte and her family pulled together with almighty strength, living through and overcoming the adversity of a family illness. We must say, Charlotte did so with strength and tenacity, and as her daughter’s health began to improve, Charlotte’s passion to spread joy to families in her local area became even stronger.
babyballet teacher Miss Charlotte, smiling with babyballet teddy
Over the years, Miss Charlotte has built a fantastic teaching team who now take care of all the incredible babyballet stars in Witney, Didcot, Botley & Summertown; including the wonderful Miss Breeze who taught the very first class for the franchise and after a short break, is now back pointing her babyballet good toes and inspiring future generations of dancers.
Miss Charlotte has always done a stellar job of taking care of the business side of things and nurturing the growth of babyballet® Witney, Didcot, Botley & Summertown.
Over the years, Miss Charlotte and her team have produced two babyballet shows, the second being the highlight of her entire 10 years with babyballet!! They have also taken part in many of our franchise-wide campaigns and fundraising like Children in Need, Red Nose Day, and several Tommy’s Danceathon events!

We asked Miss Charlotte what her favourite part of being a franchisee is, and she said:

‘Watching the children and parents love their classes – how special it is to them – and seeing them all grown up!’

In the future, Miss Charlotte hopes to be able to re-start her Saturday Witney classes, and she would love to do another show! Could this year be the year?!
It has been an absolute pleasure to have Miss Charlotte with us for a whole decade and we cannot wait to see her babyballet school grow and develop even more!
Thank you for all the magic you have brought, and here’s to wishing you a Happy 10th babyballet Anniversary!!??
Love, Miss Claire xxx