Children’s Activities Week – A Special babyballet Stars’ Story

Last week, many of our babyballet® stars at participating schools across the UK, took part in Children’s Activities Week!

It’s been so heart-warming to witness the enthusiasm and community spirit as we came together for such a wonderful cause. We want to remind everyone to please consider making a donation to support Caudwell Children, an organisation that does incredible work for children with disabilities and their families.

We would like to share a special story about one of our own, Finley. Finley was born with a rare genetic condition called lymphangioma, which caused his lymphatic vessels to form improperly in the womb. As a result, lymph fluid builds up around his face and airway, and he required a tracheostomy to breathe when he was just four weeks old

Becoming new parents to a medically complex child has been incredibly challenging for Finley’s Mum and Dad. However, they are now at a stage where they can take him to groups and classes, and Finley is truly enjoying his time with Miss Holly at babyballet Bournemouth. These classes have been transformative for Finley, helping him feel part of a special group, teaching him how to move his body, follow instructions, and be creative and joyful in his movements—experiences he missed out on due to his extended hospital stay after birth.


For his CAW class, Finley was especially excited about dressing up as his daddy, an airline pilot, to take part in the #WatchMeFly campaign!

It’s moments like these that highlight the importance of children’s activities like babyballet® and the joy they bring to children like Finley.

We encourage you all to support this fantastic initiative by donating and helping more children benefit from the programs and support offered by Caudwell Children.

Thank you for your continued participation and generosity. Together, we can make a significant impact and help children like Finley soar.


You can donate here!