International Women’s Day 2020

STRONG WOMEN (AND MEN) – May we be them, may we raise them, and may we teach them to dance. Happy International Women’s Day!

15 years ago, with a bag of tambourines and a handful of bears, Claire O’Connor set out to provide a ballet class that brought joy to the children within it … 15 years later, and with the help of hundreds of amazing, passionate and hardworking women … AND MEN … her dream is enjoyed across the globe. 

Claire attributes the success of babyballet® to the people who work within it.

Barbara and her daughter Claire - founders of babyballet“I am immensely privileged to work with such a brilliant team – including the amazing head office staff and the fantastic franchisees, licensees and teachers within our network. Not to mention my mum, whose knowledge, support and eight-decade long career in dance has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to me!

We all take huge pride in what we do and it gives us great joy to give young children the opportunity to fall in love with ballet and dance from a young age. I thank them all greatly for their enthusiasm and energy in making babyballet® the successful and happy place it is today.”

“All those years ago, I would have never believed that babyballet® would be enjoyed by so many little stars. I’m very proud by how far we’ve come but equally I’m really excited about what the future holds…

To all of the ‘dreamers’ out there, go for it! You just never know what you might achieve.”

International Women's Day 2020 at babyballet

babyballet® is made up of hundreds of amazing, passionate and hardworking women … AND MEN … who contribute to the success of our global brand every single day.

Many people may not realise all that goes in to the making of a babyballet® business, but with lots of love and care, the people within our babyballet® network point their good toes forward every single day to create something that is much more than a ballet class.

babyballet®, and the safe, fun, magical world that it provides, is built on the foundations of a STRONG NETWORK. From the Head Office team, to the dance school owners, to the class teachers, and even to the parents who attend our classes each week …

Here at babyballet® we are proud to be a part of our #babyballetfamily

May your International Women’s Day 2020 be a great one!


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