Celebrating King Charles Coronation at babyballet

It’s nearly time to celebrate the 2023 coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, and we couldn’t be more excited here at babyballet!

A royal coronation is a truly magical day when a new sovereign is officially crowned as the ruler of a country, an extravagant event that marks the official beginning of a monarch’s reign. During the elaborate ceremony, full of tradition and solemnity, the monarch is presented with a crown and other symbols of power. A coronation is typically followed by a procession where the monarch is accompanied by family members. It is a grand celebration and a wonderful reminder of the history and culture of a place. It is a moment of joy and celebration, and one that will be remembered forever!

Let’s make it extra special with some fun activities to mark the special day! From singing and dancing to card games and treasure hunts, there are plenty of ways to bring joy to the festivities!

We have designed a wonderful activity sheet for our babyballet stars to make their own magical crown for the special day and get into the Coronation spirit!

We would love to see your creations! Please do tag us in your photos on Social Media @babyballetworld of your little stars wearing their special crown!

Downloadable crown template to celebrate the coronation of King Charles. Congratulations and celebrations from everyone at babyballet

Click here to download and print

We are having a big party in the castle in the sky with our babyballet®️ King, Grandad Jack, Twinkle and Teddy the Bears, Flutterstar, Chuck and Kitty the car too!

Let’s continue the excitement by singing and dancing with the King of the babyballet®️ castle in the sky to this fantastic sing along!

We’d love for you to join in! Can you practise your marching too little stars?

Last but not least, it’s time to watch and listen little stars, because Grandad Jack has a very special story for you. Learn about The Royal Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla in this educational video for pre-school children. Sing and dance along with baby ballet, with themed classes across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

From the beautiful ceremony to the celebration that follows, this is a day we’ll never forget. What a momentous occasion for our country, and we are so proud to be a part of it.

From our King of the babyballet®️ castle in the sky, to the new King & Queen – we thank you for devoting yourself to our country!