Looking back at this year with babyballet!

Looking back at this year with babyballet, 2023 has been a special year for so many people within our babyballet franchise family.

We have so many highlights to share with you!

Celebrating our 18th birthday, raising over £1 million for Tommy’s at the many babyballet® danceathons across the country, our amazing Believe Franchisee Conference in August and our partnership with Shades Dancewear. It’s been the most amazing year!

Watch our full highlights video here!

The magical world of babyballet sure does bring a whirlwind of surprises, but one thing we are sure of is the joy that babyballet brings to hundreds and thousands of babyballet stars worldwide, as well as the teachers and grown-ups too, in so many special ways!

Here is to another busy, joyous, crazy, and 100% magical year with babyballet!