Navigating the ups and downs of running a franchise business with babyballet founder, Claire O’Connor

babyballet’s very own, Claire O’Connor and friend, Jane Maudsley, founder and franchiser of Little Voices, met whilst networking and navigating the ups and downs of owning a franchising business. 

babyballet CEO Claire O'Connor

Realising they were business soul mates, Claire and Jane started confiding in each other when they felt lost or overwhelmed. They both had similar experiences when trying to find a networking group that worked for them and their businesses and luckily found each other.

Claire and Jane found that they also had the same outlook on life. Being able to be themselves is crucial for them to be able to run their businesses to the best of their ability and to be the best mums they can be.

They learned how to listen to their minds and bodies and got each other through the good times and the bad times both in business and in everyday life.

Here they speak to Jen (podcast host and founder of CB Cinder Ltd) or ‘The Business Mum’ as she is known, and talk about how they set boundaries, look after their mental health, run their businesses and be the best mums they can be.

Listen here.