Since day one, Miss Leila has always kept a level head and steady approach to her business

I am absolutely delighted to announce that today is the tenth babyballet birthday for Miss Leila, our wonderful franchisee in Shrewsbury, Telford, Wolverhampton West and Willenhall!

After graduating from The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, a few years later, Miss Leila took the bold decision to move back to her home town of Wolverhampton to set up her own babyballet franchise and what a huge success she has made of it since then.

It is incredible to reflect and see just how much Miss Leila has achieved in that decade and she has definitely danced her way through it with a huge smile on her face and one of the biggest ‘Can do’ attitudes I have ever seen. Since day one, Miss Leila has always kept a level head and steady approach to her business.

As well as her calm and collected manner, she is one of the kindest ladies you could wish to meet with a heart of gold.

For me, her sparkling smile and positivity have always stood out and there is no doubt that both of those two attributes (as well as so many more!) have been a sparkling factor in her success.

Over the decade she has brought so much to her babyballet stars. She has shared her natural talent and passion for dance, she has brought sparkle into their lives, she has provided a safe and caring environment for them to learn, she has organised many fundraising events, she has put on theatre shows, she has expanded her area and she has inspired everyone around her.

A few years into her franchise, Miss Leila became a mummy to two adorable children, Hugo and Betsy, within two consecutive years yet continued to run her business brilliantly making it look easy. She is certainly a glass half full lady – even when things get busy – as things can with a business and two babies!

Starting and building a business is a challenge but combine this with having two children in quick succession could knock some people off their balance but not Miss Leila! Not at all! She embraced the journey of becoming a mummy whilst running the business and she should be incredibly proud of what she has achieved. I am in awe of how she has made juggling a business with having two children look easy! The epitome of a successful and calm Mumpreneur!

Although it hasn’t always been a straight forward ride for Miss Leila, she has never stopped facing her challenges head on and with tremendous strength and resilience. If she has ever been unsure about any aspect of the business, she sought out assistance from the Head Office team or her community of fellow franchisees, only to find that she knew the answer anyway, she just needed that extra bit of nurture and reassurance to make sure she was doing everything right and to the best of her ability.

babyballet Head Office are truly blessed for her to have been at the helm in her area and her babyballet® stars have been equally fortunate to have had her love, care and smile at the beginning of their own dancing journeys.

In 2017, Miss Leila deservedly won a prestigious award for ‘Best Franchise in Shropshire 2017’ at The Telford Businesses For Children awards. She has also been featured on BBC Radio Shropshire and she has facilitated huge fundraising campaigns.

As well as contributing to the wider franchise network charity efforts through our Peppa Pig Danceathon for Tommy’s Baby Charity, BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief: Red Nose Day, she has also organised fundraisers within her own franchise area and has recently supported one of her former babyballet stars, Dulcie, by arranging a ‘Dress Up for Dulcie week’, which was held a couple of weeks ago to help the family raise £200,000 to access the treatment she desperately needs in America for her very recently diagnosed Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Miss Leila recently posted on her social media promoting the fundraising event to her families and customers saying that, ‘Once you are a babyballet star, you are always a babyballet® star in our eyes’. This is just beautiful and demonstrates how caring Miss Leila is.

I am delighted and privileged that she chose to make that bold step ten years ago to join us and open her own babyballet business. She has certainly made the brand sparkle and brought so much dancing magic to so many over those years.

Because today is all about Miss Leila Campbell- Castle, I would love you to join me in wishing her and her team a magical tenth birthday to show her just how much WE care about HER.

Thank you for believing in the babyballet magic and here’s to ‘smiles’ and ‘smiles’ more happy years to come.

Congratulations, Miss Leila, you are a true babyballet star and I am so proud of all your achievements.

Keep dancing…and smiling!!!

Miss Claire and all your franchise family xx

I would like to extend my love and support for Dulcie’s family and should anyone reading this wish to donate or follow, the link is
Instagram: @dulcies_neuroblastoma_journey

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