Tiny Dancer’s at babyballet Brighton West and Hove perform in dancing show

babyballet® Brighton and West Hove held their annual Starmakers show at the Shoreham Centre in Brighton, which showcased dance skills after a course of dance classes for kids with babyballet®.

Over 80 babyballet® stars aged between 3 and 6 years old captivated more than 290 excited parents, family members and friends on the 20th May 2018 for a wonderfully performed, professional pantomime style dance show.

babyballet® characters Twinkle and Teddy the adorable bears, Flutterstar the fairy, Chuck the cowboy and Grandad Jack, the King of the Castle in the Sky joined all of the children on the stage in this wonderful performance, where they thoroughly enjoyed dancing for their audience.

On their Grand Adventure, Twinkle and Teddy took the other babyballet® characters to the Wild Wild West where they joined in the dancing cowboy rodeo. When they finished, they had a dinnertime picnic in the sunshine with their kites and they watched the busy bees buzzing around before going on a wonderful adventure on a pirate ship. Then it was time for Flutterstar’s surprise birthday party with jelly and presents followed by the bright lights of Hollywood! A magical Storytime followed and then everyone was invited to join in the grand finale!

The audience were enchanted as they clapped and even danced along at times!

Kelly Tyler, principal of babyballet® Brighton West and Hove, stated :

What an amazing how, every year we look forward to this, the children were beaming on the stage and I am so proud of every one of them. Also my team, who work so hard behind the scenes to help the children be confident babyballet® stars!

One proud parent, Zandra, enthusiastically noted:

The show was lovely – fun and bright, and of course wonderful seeing the little ones up there. Abigail really enjoyed it all and is still proudly wearing her baby ballet medal!’

babyballet® star, Maddelena, talked about the dance lessons and the show by saying ‘Mummy, that was the best day of my life!’

babyballet® holds contemporary dance classes for boys and girls from six months old in Brighton West and Hove.

To book dance classes for your child or for more information on dance classes near you, click here!

Jozeph, photographed below, just loved his dancing show!

Jozeph just loved his dancing show!