Welcoming the new year with babyballet

Welcoming the new year with babyballet 2023 here we come! We are so excited to get back to classes and catch-up with all our incredible babyballet stars and their grown-ups!

At babyballet, we have always been inclusive and are passionate about making sure our classes are here for everyone, regardless of ability, developmental stage, gender or race.

Our babyballet classes are so much more than movement and dance steps, they are a place for everyone and where everyone benefits from something.

babyballet with little stars, parents and carers having fun.As children grow and thrive with us, we see the benefit of developing soft skills such as sharing and self-confidence first-hand, and we know from the stories we hear, that parent friendships flourish along with the childhood friendships formed here. When our babyballet stars and their grown-ups walk through our doors, they share very special moments and often life-long friendships begin at babyballet. 

Friendships between adults have turned out to be just as rewarding. Our classes bring a safe space for parents to chat, learn from each other and exchange stories. They bring moments of calm away from the housework and list of ‘to-do’s’, where parents can just focus on their children and enjoy something together, developing your bond even further.

Our preschool dance and ballet syllabus offers four stages of ballet dance classes for young children aged 6 months to 6 years, plus a tap dancing class for children over 3 years.

Our programme fits well within the UK Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, with our classes providing the opportunity for babies and young children to learn and develop key life skills in a healthy and safe environment.

babyballet teacher, and two little stars sitting having musical fun.

award-winning babyballet is for children babies tots toddlers boys and girls to learn to dance

Classes help connect the dots when it comes to developmental stages in children, from discovering the soft touch of a feather to taking their first steps, no matter their age or abilities, and reaching their own potential. We provide the perfect first space for children to discover how to socialise and engage with others, and also explore relationships and boundaries with other adults who aren’t family.

From the point of view of our grown-ups, our babyballet classes can also be a great part of mental health awareness and self-care, giving reassurance of purpose, value and routine to those who may feel a bit lost and any parents who need it. They give an hour away from distractions to think about you and your baby. Getting involved within the class means physical movement and closeness with your little one, boosting serotonin levels and endorphins to help bat away any negative thoughts or feelings.

babyballet® Founder, Claire O’Connor, is a Mum of four, and mental health awareness is close to her heart, so she knows how classes like babyballet are needed for parents as well as children, and is one of the reasons why babyballet is here. Many of our teachers are also parents, and aware of the needs new parents can have mentally, emotionally and physically.

So you see, babyballet isn’t just incredibly beneficial to children, but to the grown-ups and even the teachers too! 

With bookings open for our January term, we would love to welcome you and your little one to a 3-week introductory trial at one of our dancing classes. 

We always take part in many events throughout the year too, whether it’s shows and physical occasions, or fundraising activities across our branches. We can not wait to get started this year and make 2023 one to remember!

If you would like to take a special step this year, then visit our full list of babyballet schools to find your nearest class today.