A decade of love, resilience and babyballet magic for Miss Michelle!

It’s with absolute delight to be able to congratulate the wonderful, Miss Michelle, on reaching her tenth babyballet franchise birthday today.

She has a LOT to be proud of and we all bursting with admiration for her as she celebrates this special milestone.

After visiting and loving our Halifax classes back in 2012, she booked to attend a Head Office Franchise Discovery Day to find out more about how she could become a franchisee and start her own babyballet business.

Little did we know at the time that the Discovery Day was just six weeks after her first son, Jakob was tragically born sleeping. I have no idea how she managed to even get herself there that day, never mind contemplating taking on a new business, but she did and I soon learnt that, that was Michelle all over. An incredible lady who always looks for the solution not the problem and despite her heartbreak, she was determined to make a new start and put her best foot forwards to pave a pathway for a new beginning. I stood in awe of her that day and admired how she went on to pour her energy and heart into starting and building her own babyballet® business.

Miss Michelle believes that babyballet saved her mental health from deteriorating after her loss and that the people who she has met during her time as a franchisee have inspired her to get through some very tough times.

She has loved being part of the ‘family’ that we have and she has always enjoyed getting together whatever the occasion, whether that has been with the Head Office team, our franchise network or her teaching community. She has especially loved the Franchise Conferences, which she describes as EPIC!

She says that the best thing about being part of babyballet® is the people within it and one thing’s for sure, the community definitely wouldn’t be as great without her input and energy so it it is definitely us who are reminding Miss Michelle of HER brilliance today and how she has inspired and helped so many people since she joined us a decade ago.

She is a kind, generous soul who has an admirable natural flair for lifting others up. She epitomises a supportive and helpful franchisee as she is always happy to be a sounding board or to offer advice and friendship for those who may need it. Giving back comes naturally for her and she just oozes care for everyone around her.

We were all beyond overjoyed when Michelle became pregnant and went on to give birth to Isaak in 2014. She is a truly wonderful mum and has enjoyed being able to work flexibly around Isaak and achieve a good work/life balance.

I have very fond memories of when she brought Isaak to visit us at Head Office. Watching him as he grew from a baby into a toddler, to the wonderful 8 year old he is today has been very special. He used to love showing off his first steps up the middle of the office and his cheeky smile always brightened up our day!

Miss Michelle was at the forefront of our 1st National Fundraising for Tommy’s Baby Charity when our ‘Danceathon’ launched in 2016 and she has supported it with passion ever since.

Sharing her own story publicly about losing Jakob was very hard but she thought that what she had been through could ultimately help others and selflessly soldiered on with public appeals and fundraising. The ‘Danceathons’ have collectively raised over £800,000, which will have significantly helped with Tommy’s research around baby loss.

She has also taken part in fundraising for Children’s Activities Week and put on two babyballet® shows for the babyballet® stars in her franchise areas.

She is proud that one of her greatest achievements has been how she got the business through the pandemic but once again, in true Miss Michelle style, despite the struggle and uncertainty that the pandemic threw our way, she believes that the one thing that got us all through, was how we all pulled together and supported each other through thick and thin.

Although she currently has her Bury and Bolton franchise up for sale as she moves into a new career as a business mentor and coach (no surprise there!!!), she will always be a huge part of babyballet and remain close to our hearts forever.

Personally, I will always have such admiration for her tenacity and drive to overcome adversity in the way that she has. I am full of praise and thanks for how much kindness and love she has brought to babyballet® over the decade. I am still not sure how she managed to get to the Discovery Day ten years ago, but I am incredibly delighted that she did for all the positivity and resilience she has brought to us all.

Thank you Miss Michelle and congratulations, you are a true star.

Miss Claire


If you or someone you know could follow in Michelle’s footsteps and might be interested in a franchise or purchasing her successful babyballet Bury and Bolton area, please click the links and get in touch today!