babyballet FAQ’s

As parents, you might have a few questions about our babyballet classes. We’re here to guide you through the frequently asked questions, ensuring you have all the information you need to make your child’s babyballet experience truly special.

What do I do if my little one doesn’t follow the instructions?

Fun is the aim at all our classes! So whether your little one likes to explore or take in the class more quietly to later practice at home, our 3-week trial offers the perfect starting blocks for our class format.

Are they not too young?

Our syllabus has been designed, tried and tested for over 16 years specifically for the age groups we teach. The classes start as a gentle introduction to music and dance and build with each class as the children grow.

What if I don’t know anyone else?

Our friendly teachers are ready to welcome all our new starters, explain what will happen during the class and introduce you and your little one to some of our super friendly grown-ups in the class. So don’t worry you will soon be part of the babyballet family!

Does my little one have to have a uniform?

No, we do sell a super cute uniform but it’s not compulsory at any time. We cannot allow dancing in socks for safety reasons and so ballet shoes are popular to buy from us.But we encourage you to bring your little one in something comfortable like leggings and soft pumps, especially while they settle into class.

Are the classes the same every week?

Repetition is key for the learning of young children. At babyballet we follow the same syllabus for a term to ensure the little ones have time to learn the songs and fully explore their creativity. At the end of each term, they will receive a certificate and get ready to move to the new songs and dances.

What qualifications does my teacher have?

Every babyballet teacher is chosen with the utmost care to make sure they have the right experience and personality to join the team. They all undergo the babyballet training process and we ensure they have valid first aid and safeguarding certificates and an enhanced DBS check. We encourage CPD with various courses in child development, equality and communication. Our teachers are fun and friendly and we can’t wait to meet your little star!


We hope these FAQs provide valuable insights into the world of babyballet. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to our team. Let the babyballet adventure begin! 

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