For the love of dance… teaching!

What’s your favourite thing about teaching?

We believe that running a dance school is a ‘passion-led’ business, we do it because we love to nurture and develop children. We enjoy dancing and teaching, of course, but the passion behind it comes from the difference we can make to others. 

  • The difference we make to the little 3-year-old who hid behind Mummy’s leg on day one who, in a few weeks, bounces into class to tell you what happened earlier in their day. 
  • The 7-year-old with undeveloped fine motor skills who, in 6 months, has learned to hop, skip, and point their feet. 
  • To the painfully shy 13-year-old who, after one term with you, decides they want to partake in your annual show next term.
  • And the 16-year-old who has been dancing with you since day one, you taught them all they know, you’ve helped them through some tough times, you’ve seen them perform their hearts out in front of hundreds of people, you’ve seen them grow and develop into a beautiful dancer and a beautiful person, and now they’re heading off for full-time training to fulfill their dreams. 

All four examples are just some of the reasons why we teach because we will always be an important part of their growth.

No matter what their story, it all starts somewhere…

babyballet stars having fun in with parents and carers. Your preschool classes are where their very first skills are taught, from learning the difference between good toes and naughty toes, and finding their balance and coordination, to discovering social skills, creativity and imagination. Not to mention the benefits for the grown-ups who join in too, from a social side, making conversations and friendships with other parents/guardians, and also the bonding time and special moments with their little stars.

If we take a step back from the passion and emotional side of running your school, we also see the benefit your preschool classes bring to your school as a business. This is where children discover a long-lasting love for dance, the parents/guardians come to the classes and witness the wealth it brings their children firsthand. They see their child grow and develop, and then, come age 6 they discover a variety of other styles of dance and before you know it, they’re taking multiple classes per week! Luckily for them, the fact that they attended dance classes from such a young age, the foundations have been laid, they’re confident, they’re creative, and they’re already in love with dance!

pre-schooler having fun in class, excited and smiling.

baby ballet dance classes for children babies tots toddlers girls boys to learn ballet

Preschool dance classes are where the foundations are made for the children, for the parents/guardians, and you! Running your school can be hard work and lonely at times, but when you join the babyballet franchise network, you immediately become part of a much wider franchise family. With over 80 babyballet franchise businesses running across the country, we pride ourselves on being supportive and caring to help each and every franchisee to reach their own potential and business goals.

If you’re struggling to capture your younger audience and could do with a boost, then a babyballet franchise business could be what you’ve been looking for. Babyballet is an established and trusted brand with ready-made marketing materials, training and syllabi! Our franchise package gives you exclusive rights to run babyballet lessons in your area, allowing you the opportunity to be flexible and adapt your work and life to suit you and your existing commitments, and merge it into your existing school. 

As a babyballet franchise business you will also have exclusive rights in your own territory to sell our ballet uniform, ballet shoes and babyballet clothes too.

Taking on a babyballet® dance franchise couldn’t be easier. We have franchise opportunities available throughout the UK.

By boosting your preschool department in 2023, you’re setting your school up for a booming future as your babyballet stars grow up and filter through into your existing school.

We want to hear from you now! Please click here to learn more and register your interest in joining the magical world of babyballet!