Class Rules and Behaviour Policy

babyballet provides fun, educational ballet and dance classes for children aged 6 months to 6 years

At babyballet we want every child to have fun and learn to dance and every parent to have a magical time. To ensure everyone has the best possible experience we have some class rules as well as a behaviour policy that should be read and agreed to when signing up and then adhere to in class. This way everyone can relax knowing that their child is safe, happy and having fun in a joyful environment.

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Class Rules at babyballet

Behaviour Policy at babyballet

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We know that your dancing stars look super cute in class, however we have a duty of care to each child attending class so we politely ask that no photographs or videos are taken during class. This is a strict rule that must be followed by everyone and the Photograph & Filming policy can be read in full below.

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Please click here to download Photograph and Filming Policy


Thank you to everyone for cooperating to help make our children’s dance classes the magical journey that they are.