Unlocking a dream career: Miss Kerry’s first year as a babyballet® Franchisee

babyballet® classes offer a carefully designed and structured preschool dance syllabus that inspires children to move, learn, and enjoy the magic of dance.

Meet Miss Kerry, the passionate franchisee behind babyballet Wigan East. A year into her journey, Kerry’s story is a testament to how a babyballet® franchise can empower individuals to transform their love for dance into a fulfilling career.

Kerry’s Early Passion for Dance
Kerry’s love for dance began at a young age, dancing with her sister in the living room. “I just have this vivid memory of being in our living room dancing around with my sister. And my grandma was sitting there and said to my Mum, you need to take them to dance lessons.”

Initially, Kerry enjoyed her dance school experience, but it became competitive and lost its joy. It wasn’t until she discovered babyballet as a parent, with her daughters Polly and Phoebe, that she found her true calling in dance.

Rediscovering Her Dance Dream
After completing university and working as a teacher, Kerry took a hiatus from dancing. It wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she stumbled upon a babyballet teaching opportunity.  She was inspired by the story and the ethos of babyballet, which rekindled her love for dance and the possibility of a dance-related career after seeing the founder and CEO of babyballet, Miss Claire.

“I saw Miss Claire’s story, which really hit home and tugged on my heartstrings because it was exactly how I felt. I fell in love with the whole concept, and with Miss Claire as well. I just thought it was such a brave thing and I’m in awe of everything that she’s done.”

The babyballet® Franchise Opportunity
Kerry’s journey into franchising began when Miss Suzy, a fellow babyballet franchisee, sought a teacher and sent out an email. Kerry, on maternity leave with Phoebe, saw this as her chance to make a career shift. She conducted thorough research on babyballet and made the decision to follow her heart and her childhood passion for dance.
As always you have your doubts, “but it helped that it was something that I had been so passionate about since being a young child. It felt like I was getting that second chance of having a career in dance, because I’d just concluded that I was probably never going to dance professionally. So, when I came across babyballet, I knew it was absolutely perfect for me. It’s a career in dance in a very different way.”

A Seamless Transition to Franchisee
The process of becoming a babyballet® franchisee was remarkably smooth. Kerry appreciated the responsiveness of Harry, the Franchise Sales Manager, and the visual documentation that simplified the process. She found it reassuring and straightforward.

Franchise Training and Community
Kerry’s franchise training experience was exceptional. She cherished the connections she formed with fellow trainees and the support from Head Office. The ongoing group chat keeps her connected and provides a safe space to share experiences and ideas.

Overcoming Challenges
Kerry faced the fear of the unknown when setting up her babyballet® franchise, including concerns about the right location, class sign-ups, and financial stability. She persevered, and her hard work paid off as she has hit her target of 150 students in her first year of running her business!

Highs and Lows
The highest moments for Kerry are during babyballet classes, dance teaching is at the heart of everything for her.
“It gets me every time when you look around the room and all my little stars are dancing, having fun and doing the same thing! I just think is amazing, they are 2 and 3 years old and they’re all in time”.
Kerry has also experienced challenges, like all business owners do. In the beginning she had low-class attendance in her initial classes, but she persevered and with more advertising, she overcame these obstacles.

Support from Head Office
Kerry appreciates the accessibility and support from Head Office, and likes how easy all information is to access, making her feel well-equipped to handle the challenges of her babyballet® franchise. “In terms of the support from head office, and that side of things, everything is just really easy to access, it’s all on SharePoint. And if that’s not useful, or it’s not helping me with what I need to do, I usually ask the franchisees I trained with, Dennis, Wendy and Natalie and more often than not they can help too”.

A Week in the Life of Miss Kerry

– Kerry’s week starts with a busy Monday morning. Her husband, Dave, works from home, which allows him to take their eldest daughter, Polly, to school before coming back home to get ready for her babyballet classes. Grandma comes along too, which means Phoebe can enjoy the class while Mummy is teaching.
– Kerry drives to her Monday venue in Leigh to set up for the day’s classes. Phoebe arrives with Kerry’s mum, and other babyballet stars and their parents begin to trickle in for her two Monday morning classes.

– After classes, Kerry ensures everything is tidied up, and Phoebe stays with her mum while
Kerry dedicates time to administrative tasks such as replying to customers and scheduling
social media posts.
– At around 3:00 PM, Kerry heads out to pick up Polly from school and, later in the evening,
takes both girls to their swimming lessons. Homework time for Polly is also part of the
Monday evening routine.

Tuesday and Wednesday:
– Tuesday and Wednesday provide a break from teaching as Kerry’s “weekend” with Phoebe. She reserves these days for quality mother-daughter time, engaging in various mum-and-baby activities.
– They attend a couple of classes tailored for Phoebe’s age and complete their weekly grocery shopping.
– Kerry makes a conscious effort to avoid work during these days, allowing her to recharge and focus on her family.

– Like Monday, Miss Kerry teaches classes in the morning and then dedicates time to administrative work at home. Kerry also has a growing team of teachers, so work includes managing them and making sure they are happy and ready for their classes too!
– In the afternoon, Polly has drama class after school, so Kerry manages the pickup and drop-off.
– The day is a blend of work, family, and after-school activities.

– Much like Thursday, Friday involves teaching morning classes and taking care of administrative tasks.
– Kerry ensures that everything is in order for the upcoming week’s classes and business operations.

– Saturday is the busiest day of the week, hosting back-to-back classes in the morning.
– Despite short breaks between classes, it’s a non-stop experience as little dancers arrive and leave.
– After classes, Kerry grabs a quick lunch on her way home.
– Polly has tennis lessons in the afternoon, and if the weather permits, Kerry enjoys watching her daughter’s tennis matches.
– The day winds down with a relaxed afternoon in the garden and quality family time.

– Sundays are reserved for family time, offering a well-deserved break.
– The entire family enjoys meaningful activities and relaxation together.

Kerry’s weekly routine reflects that her work-life balance is a priority, and she is able to fulfill her professional responsibilities while still having quality time for her personal life. This newfound equilibrium has allowed her to thrive in her babyballet franchise role while maintaining a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

“I am 100% happy with my work-life balance, that’s the biggest positive from moving from teaching in high school to this babyballet franchise role. Now I’ve got the best work-life balance because I can tailor it to me”