A DECADE OF babyballet OLDHAM!

Today, we are absolutely delighted to honour a remarkable milestone – Miss Sally has been spreading the magic of babyballet for 10 years!! We hope you will join us in congratulating this incredible decade of dedicated service to her babyballet business and the strong local community she and her team have built in Oldham and surrounding areas, since their doors first opened in 2013!

A Journey of Passion and Transformation…

Miss Sally’s story is one of unwavering determination and a love for dance that never waned. Despite a brief detour into the corporate world, she found her true calling when she brought her daughter to local babyballet classes in 2013. Those enchanting classes rekindled her passion, leading her to reach out to babyballet Head Office. The result? A door to her dreams swung wide open, offering her the chance not just to teach dance, but to run her very own franchise and bring the joy of dance to babies, tots, toddlers, and young children. And that she has done, into the thousands!

babyballet classes in Oldham have been running for 10 years

A Decade of Impact…

For a decade now, Miss Sally has been a shining star in the lives of thousands of children and their families. She’s ignited a lifelong passion for dance, nurturing talent, and joy in every class. Her commitment to excellence led her to attain prestigious teaching qualifications and establish a popular older dance school. Remarkably, 96% of its students have their roots in babyballet, and they are truly the stars of the future.

The Power of Partnership…

Miss Sally and Mr Jordan from babyballet Oldham, celebrating 10 yearsBehind this successful venture is a dynamic partnership. Miss Sally’s husband, Jordan, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of their dance school. While Sally takes on the creative and managerial aspects, Jordan excels in behind-the-scenes work, including marketing, administration, customer communications, finances, business development, and more. Their collaborative strength and unwavering support for each other are truly inspiring. We don’t know many people that could survive live AND work together, but these two are a match made in heaven.

A Balancing Act…

With three gorgeous children – Harry, Olivia, and Rory – to raise alongside their thriving dance school businesses and Jordan’s other ventures, Sally and Jordan’s dedication shines even brighter. They’ve embraced the challenges and successes of their journey with grace and resilience.

“What role models you both are to your 3, and anyone who knows you can see your personalities shining through in each of them more and more every day!”

Miss Sally, Mother of 3 from babyballet Oldham

A Legacy of Achievements…

Over the years, Sally and Jordan’s achievements with babyballet Oldham have been impressive. They received the respected Oldham Business Award for Community Engagement in 2015, a testament to their commitment to their community.

Not to mention, the magic of babyballet shows is etched in the memories of thousands of families. Sally and Jordan have orchestrated these memorable experiences annually since 2015, giving three and four-year-olds the opportunity to shine on the big stage. These productions have been a source of awe and pride for parents and families alike and will always be the highlight of their babyballet year!

A Decade of Growth…

From humble beginnings in a dusty church hall with a music player and a bag of bears, they’ve grown their venture into a 5000 sq ft dance studio, touched the lives of thousands of local families, and earned a sterling reputation for excellence and customer service. Looking forward, their mission is clear: to maintain their outstanding reputation in the local community and continue providing the very best children’s dance classes for years to come. A mission we know, with their track record, will continue to be a reality.

Whilst Miss Sally and Jordan extend their heartfelt gratitude to the babyballet Head Office team for their unwavering support over the years; We would like to raise a toast to them, to the next 10 years of dance journeys and inspiring the next generation of incredible ‘Miss Sally’s’!

Miss Sally at babyballet Oldham is celebrating a decade of service to babyballet dance classes


“Thank you both for everything you continue to do for babyballet®. Miss Sally, your infectious personality will forever brighten up our days and we are so grateful to get to work alongside you both. Continue being the dream team and spreading smiles. We can’t wait to see everything that there is to come!”

Join us in congratulating Miss Sally, ‘Mr’ Jordan, and babyballet Oldham on this extraordinary achievement!

Congratulations to Miss Sally and babyballet Oldham for 10 years


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