Message from our Founder and CEO, Claire O’Connor:

“It’s hard to believe it’s ten years today since Miss Claire, our franchisee for Bournemouth and Poole, started her very own babyballet franchise and what a sparkling success she has made of it since then!

Over that decade, she has built a thriving business to be proud of and has taught thousands of children to dance, believe in themselves and have fun.

I remember the day I first met Miss Claire like yesterday. It was at The Baby Show exhibition in Manchester in 2010 where Claire was working to promote Pampers Nappies and I was there to promote babyballet.

She approached the babyballet stand with her friend (who also become a franchisee) to discuss the brand and business opportunity and I will never ever forget that first meeting – she was like a ray of sunshine with her beaming smile and effervescent personality!

She was so complimentary about babyballet and we chatted, and laughed (a lot!) over the coming weeks as she showed strong interest in joining as a franchisee but despite her loving it, at that point in her life, it wasn’t the right time for Claire as she was still living and performing in London.

Fast forward three years and she got back in touch. She was ready to leave the London life and return to her home town of Bournemouth where her family still lived and she felt the time was now right to set up her own babyballet franchise. Her friend who was with her that day at The Baby Show was making a huge success of her franchise so that also helped Claire to make the decision to take the leap and go for it.

We arranged her open day up at Head Office in Halifax and when she arrived with her lovely mum and step dad, that same bright and cheerful ray of sunshine I remembered from The Baby Show burst through the doors and it was amazing to see her again. Once more, we chatted and laughed (a lot more!) and she passed her audition and interview with flying colours. We were so excited the time was right for her to join the babyballet family.

Over the decade she has passed all that sunshine and light on at each and every class that she has taught. She has trained and built a fantastic team of teachers around her who have been an absolute joy too. Miss Claire is highly respected by her team, and all the babyballet families she has met and nurtured over the years.

Parents and carers flock to Miss Claire’s classes and love her instantly because of her warmth, sense of fun and caring personality.

Claire has been surrounded with strong family support since day one and we always laughed that her Mum was her literally her secret weapon when she was establishing her business as she helped Claire promote it by befriending every parent and carer in the area as she proudly explained about her daughter’s new venture and whipped never ending flyers out of her bag to help spread the word!

It was only a couple of years into her franchise that she decided to do her first babyballet concert and I have fond memories of watching the slick superbly organised show and then celebrating afterwards with her proud family. Her grandma who has since sadly passed away, was eager to give her feedback and you could see how incredibly proud all the family were of Claire.

I always say that the best thing about being in business and the one thing that keeps me going is the people within it and Miss Claire is no exception. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside her and I am so grateful for her love, support, loyalty and friendship that has blossomed over the years.

I was privileged to be invited to her hen do and wedding. Miss Claire has since become a mummy to Bay and she makes running a business and having a family look easy!

There are, of course, difficult times too in business but Claire shows admirable resilience and strength during any challenges she faces and powers on through.

She is highly regarded by her fellow franchisees and has always shown such love and support for myself and the Head Office team too, which we are eternally grateful for. It’s been an absolute pleasure working alongside her over the years and I look forward to many, many more.

Getting to ten years in business is an amazing achievement – even without the pressure of navigating through a global pandemic- but you have done it Miss Claire and you should be so incredibly proud!

I would like to congratulate and thank you for all the love, light and laughter you have brought to the magical world of babyballet over the last decade.

Let’s all celebrate our magnificent ray of sunshine, Miss Claire!”


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