From Passion to Profit – How babyballet Franchisees Are Building Successful Businesses While Enriching Children’s Lives.

It is no secret how successful babyballet is; Claire and Barbara have built babyballet up since 1999 and we now have over 100 franchises and licences in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. babyballet continues to grow and babyballet franchisees are building successful businesses while enriching children’s lives.

At babyballet, we believe, no matter who you are or where you have come from, every child deserves a creative outlet to be themselves, and everyone is included in the magical world of babyballet. This vision is shared by all the wonderful people who saw a great opportunity to become babyballet business owners and jumped into becoming babyballet franchisees with two feet – and pointed toes!


It’s clear that whether they are celebrating ten years at their babyballet franchise, or their first year in business, every owner has that one passion in common. Including the husband and wife dance duo Miss Catherine and Mr Saul from babyballet Herts and West Essex

“babyballet has a fantastic reputation for providing children with the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and safe environment.”

Even in her first year, Miss Kerry from babyballet Wigan East, has managed to forge herself the perfect work/life balance whilst fulfilling her dream. After losing her spark for dance as a child after her experience in a competitive dance school, she regained her passion through taking her own daughters to a babyballet class and fell in love with the whole babyballet concept.

“It felt like I was getting that second chance of having a career in dance, because I’d just concluded that I was probably never going to dance professionally. So, when I came across babyballet, I knew it was absolutely perfect for me. It’s a career in dance in a very different way.”



Being part of a network of like-minded people… 

As a franchise, babyballet’s philosophy is that you should be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. With national events, meet-ups, team calls and supportive friends by your side, becoming a franchisee at babyballet means you also become part of the babyballet family.

babyballet Franchising, become a franchisee and join a network of likeminded creative, fun, dance teachers and studio owners

babyballet Franchising, become a franchisee and join a network of likeminded creative, fun, dance teachers and studio owners

A growing passion to spread the joy of dance…

babyballet Biggleswade and Bedford Win Award at SME Business Awards Bedfordshire

Miss Lucy and Miss Lauren at the prestigious ceremony for the SME Business Awards Bedfordshire

As a babyballet dance teacher, building up the relationships with the children and their parents gives a sense of achievement when seeing how far they have come in your classes and how much they enjoy it. babyballet is loved by so many parents and children nationwide, leading franchisees to broaden their classes into new areas, aiming to share the joy of babyballet with even more families.

Which is exactly what Miss Lauren and Miss Lucy did! After finding her love for babyballet  as a teacher in babyballet  Biggleswade and Bedford, Lucy decided to become a franchisee herself and open the doors to babyballet Stevenage. Miss Lauren had just celebrated 7 years of babyballet in Biggleswade and Bedford and wanted to give support to Lucy so they decided to make it a joint venture!

“babyballet  gives a different side of teaching. It never feels like a job!”


Award-winning classes, programme, PEOPLE! 

Our franchisee owners are doing so well, even winning awards. Miss Lauren won Best New Business in the Bedfordshire Business Awards.

Miss Nina from babyballet Boston, won Business Person of the Year and was crowned Young Entrepreneur of the Year, at the Boston Standard Business Awards. 

Investing in a babyballet franchise isn’t just a business decision; it’s a stepping stone into a transformative and successful journey with boundless opportunities. Countless franchisees have witnessed remarkable financial growth with life-changing results, not just for themselves but for the babyballet stars they reach and nurture. With a proven business model and unwavering support from the babyballet team, franchisees have the tools to flourish and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

The best part? The journey of growth never stops; as babyballet continues to expand, franchisees are positioned for ongoing success and fulfilment.

We are so proud of all our franchisees and we can’t wait to welcome more and more passionate, ambitious business people into our babyballet family!


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